How do I know your systems are secure?

We took the time to write a lengthy article about the security we provide, and we invite you to read it yourselves by following this link.

What does it mean to be HIPAA compliant with a website?

SPF’s has two levels of protection built into its system. Here’s one scenario: Six months down the line, the patient says, “You asked me for all this personal and medical information, but you never advised me of my rights.” Until the patient clicks on “I Accept” at the end of the HIPAA document, the first screen they see, they cannot see or fill out any other forms. When the electronic forms are completed, they are digitally recorded with the Date, Time of day and IP addresses [computer the patient was using] at the bottom of page. Secondly, no personal information is sent in an email that could be intercepted (it is uploaded onto our secure website), so the practice is protected. HIPAA rules recommend that electronic transfers of personal health information and access to it are protected by encryption and authentication. SPF’s service meets those standards.

How do I know if you are legit? Who are you?

We are a division of WebDentalMarketing, a company that has been around for eight years. Click here to learn more about the founders. Or if you have further questions to which you can't find answers, call us at 1.888.427-1116 or outside the US at 1.516.699-5588.


Patient's Process

What does the patient have to do in order to register online?

A patient has two choices:

Choice One: They can follow a link from your website directly to the first page of the registration process (we give you this link).

Choice Two: The practice, via the management account, can email the patient a link that will bring them directly to the first page of the registration process.

Can patients update their information through your website?

As an additional security measure, we delete submitted patient forms from our server after 3 months. For this reason, patients must fill out new forms if they are going to update information or, if the doctor utilizes a simplified update form, they can fill out one of these.

Can the patient print the forms or must they submit them electronically?

The patient can view the progress of their forms at any time. If they chose, they can view their forms, print them and bring them to the doctor's office themselves.

How does a patient sign an electronic form?

When the patient submits a form, the IP address, date and time are recorded electronically to identify the approval of the patient. In the Federal ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES IN GLOBAL AND NATIONAL COMMERCE ACT [ESIGN Act] of June 30, 2000, Sec 106 (5) states: ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE. —The term ‘‘electronic signature’’ means an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

What does the patient see after completing their online process?

The patient is presented with a completion page, a thank you and a message indicating that their doctor has been notified that the completed patient forms are ready to be downloaded.



How do we contact you?

We ask that you contact us by email so that one of our support team can respond to you. Our email address is If you require a phone call, feel free to call us call us at 1.888.427.1116 or outside the US at 1.516.699.5588.

I have a question, can you please call our office?

I'm sorry but we are unable to make phone calls to your practice in order to answer questions. Instead, we ask that you send us an email at or to call us at 1.888.427.1116 or outside the US at 1.516.699.5588.

Am I required to purchase any hardware or software from you?

No. Our low monthly fee is actually the rental of our software and space on our ASP server. There is no limit on the number of patients you can have register.

What are my minimum hardware requirements?

If you can browse the web then you have the hardware you need. In fact, if you are reading this page, you are already set.